• Great vision without great people is irrelevant. 

    Jim Collins

Excellence in IT Talent Integration

Uniting companies and young IT professionals in a successful partnership

Exellys screens 1,000 IT graduates each year and selects the best 50 for its clients.

As a company you want to attract creative top talent. Young promising employees whose training, knowledge, talents and personality fit perfectly with the expectations, business and culture of your company. You are right - you strengthen your organisation with an important competitive advantage. Finding and retaining these young professionals is not a certainty. They are scarce and sought-after. Integrating them well requires specific expertise and time, which is not always available.


You have graduated and are eager to take the next big step, the transition from the academic to the professional world. The course "How do I make a strong career start?" was probably not part of your curriculum. You’re right to ask yourself a lot of questions about this important switch in your life. And you might also have different expectations of work and career than previous generations.

Our business model explained in less than 3 minutes. This is how we bring creative IT graduates and companies together.

Tips to kickstart your IT career

Building the bridge between business and IT.

Lissa and Vincent, IT business analysts at Umicore explain what it takes to become one.

Tips to attract and retain young talent

Why engaging your employees is vital

Employee engagement is the key to increased profits, higher productivity, lower absence and higher retention.

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An HR dept. on steroids: the Talent Incubator

How to bridge the gap from academic life to the business world?

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